Here we are in our completely staged miner hunt, sitting about 4k away from an He rock. Oh look a miner, how completely surprising. So, do we attack it?

No. We wait for it to get to the rock. Then we cloak and engage full throttle.


Once cloak is fully engaged we mount missiles. Not before because that'd give you a massive sig spike.


No, I haven't magically warped right next to the miner in 5 seconds. I used the zoom button.


If I told you that LRM Hunters have a lifespan of 7 seconds, how far would they travel when I'm doing 137 mps?
(Hint: The answer is 7 times 137)

And what do you get if you ADD that to their total range (1869m)?


That's right dipshit, I'm in range. You don't need no freaking lock to hit a stationary target, so FIRE.


Don't believe me? I don't care if you do, I'm gonna fire my second hunter - still "beyond" my missile range.


Told ya I was in range. That's my first missile hitting - the one I fired at 2500m.

Now I'm about to get eye so disengage cloak to save energy and start slowing down! Sf handle like shit and you need to get you crosshairs on the target.


Aim for the lead indicator.


And let her rip.


Dakka dakka dakka! Hopefully you'll be able to aim better than I did, as your client won't be freezing up every 5 secs while it takes a screenshot.


Objective complete.


1 You can get a shitload more range by getting a runup. At 100mps you've got an effective range of 2500m with hunter 2.

2 Even once it starts moving you don't need a full lock to hit a slow moving target.
Just think, if you're in a position where you'd hit with a dumb then you're in the position to hit with a low-lock hunter.

3 Util cannons SHRED miner hull. That was a belter enh miner that I just vaporised in, what, <15 secs? And I was doing a shocking job of aiming too.
Do not pussy foot around lobbing missiles at the damn thing, get in there and polish it off.